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The collection of lamps was inspired by fungi – latticed stinkhorn (Clathrus ruber) и netted stinkhorn (Phallus duplicatus). Fungi as a life form has fascinated us with their alien and inscrutable nature. Their fruit bodies – so variable – cannot leave you unaffected. You are either drawn to them or repelled, striving for a visual contact or shutting them down from your universe – the effect depends on the specific fungus and person.

In Biosphere lamps we are trying to combine the wabi-sabi principle and the unique nature of each item with the opportunity of copying and technological production. The lamps are also a way for us to pay homage to our Mother Nature.

Material: recycled paper

Size (in approximation, as each lamp is unique):
S: 200-300 mm х 150-200 mm
M: 310-400 mm х 200-300 mm
L: 410-500 mm х 300-400 mm
XL: 510-600 mm х 300-500 mm
The lamps can be sized according to individual customers’ wishes.

Colour options:
1. Natural (transparent lacquer) – this is our favourite version because it allows to see the material as it is, with irregularities in colour and texture, with fragmented symbols or letters showing through recycled paper mass. You can take time beholding the texture and musing on its composition, the info fragments it contains and the life it once had.
2. Red – this is a direct reference to the lamp’s biological prototype.
Any other colour is also an option.

As with their biological prototypes, the form of each lamp is unique. They are molded by hand from paper mass: each of them is a unique sculpture that cannot be fully replicated.

Material: recycled paper
Lamp type: pendant
Lamps can be suspended by one or in groups of 3 to 5
Voltage: 220 V